How come my stored procedure breaks?

The most probaby reason is because prior to having a multiline statement in the upgrade/downgrade scripts, you must use prefix the multiple lines with the following

The marker to indicate that the multiline is finished is a line with only a
on it.




How come I keep getting Driver not registered for ... when running a migration.

Migrations will dynamically load jdbc drivers at runtime for a given driver type. In order to allow people to not have to manually copy the jar files into the lib folder and restart, a Driver Registry was created.

In the GUI, right-click on the migrations icon in the system tray and choose Driver Registry . From there Add New Driver and navigate to the location of the jar file. This will cause the application to automatically scan the contents of the jar and register all database drivers within.

Another way to register a driver is using the command line tool which will automatically update the driver registry as well.

No restarts are needed. As soon as the driver is registered either through the command line or the gui, it takes effect immediately.