usage: ./ [options] /path/to/migration.xml schema[=version] [schema=[version] ...]

 -e,--error-out <arg>       If true, will error out automatically on any migration sql errors.
 -f,--folder <arg>          The name of the folder to output scripts to.
                            Doing this prevents actual execution. The folder does not exist, it
                            will create the folder and place the scripts within the folder.
 -h,--help                  Display this help menu.
 -i,--ignore-errors <arg>   If true, will automatically ignore errors which occur during the
                            migration process.
 -u,--upgrade <arg>         Sets the migrations metadata to an upgrade-only mode preventing any
                            downgrades of the schema from taking place using an automated tool.
                            Defaults to false.

./migration /path/to/migration.xml
./migration --upgrade true /path/to/ blog
./migration --folder sql-output bundled.jar core=3 blog forum=1 admin

Registering JDBC Driver

The script will allow you to register additional jdbc drivers. A JDBC driver only needs to be registered once only. The script takes in 1 or more jar files and will automatically scrape the jar for all valid jdbc drivers registering them for use. If the jar file location is moved, the driver will need to be reregistered.