Change Log

Release History

Version Date Description
0.15.0 2009-09-20 Reduced Redundancy
0.14.2 2009-08-09
0.14.1 2009-08-03
0.14.0 2009-08-02 Multiple Simultaneous Migrations
0.13.0 2009-07-26 User Experience Enhancements
0.12.3 2009-07-23
0.12.2 2009-06-14
0.12.1 2009-05-10
0.12.0 2009-05-10 Bookmarking and Driver Registry
0.11.2 2009-03-05
0.11.1 2009-02-27
0.11.0 2009-02-09 Native Application Resign
0.10.0 2008-11-02 User Interface Redesign
0.9.3 2008-04-17
0.9.2 2008-04-04
0.9.1 2008-04-03
0.9.0 2008-03-30 Script Generation
0.8 2008-03-16 Audit support

Release 0.15.0 - 2009-09-20

Type Changes By
add Updated the sql error dialogs to allow resuming the sql execution without aborting the entire process. sepatel
update Updated the internal algorithm for determining migrations to determine all resources needed before starting any migration instead of running migration and then discovering missing resources. sepatel
update Updated the templating code to only error/prompt for template values if a resource needed during that migration has need of the value. sepatel
update Improved the algorithm to more accurately display the progress meter across multiple simultaneous schema migrations. sepatel
update Disabled the property name text field in the property update popup to reduce confusion. sepatel
fix Fixed an issue where not providing all of the connection information would cause the application to try and proceed with invalid values. sepatel

Release 0.14.2 - 2009-08-09

Type Changes By
fix Updated the connection re-use logic to share the connection if it is the same db url instead of just the same schema. sepatel
fix Fixed the connection to not auto-commit by default. Fixes 2832188. sepatel
fix Fixed an issue bad jdbc drivers were being auto-registered even though they don't actually work. Now only working drivers are loaded. Fixes 2832183. sepatel

Release 0.14.1 - 2009-08-03

Type Changes By
fix Fixed an issue where the internal migration information was storing string in integer column which broke when using databases with strict type checking (such as JavaDB/Derby). Fixes 2831680. sepatel
fix Fixed a bug where the internal state of the migration options were not being reset between new migration configuration loads. sepatel
fix Fixed up the packaging support to accept migration.xml or migrations.xml instead of just the migration.xml (where all documentation indiciated it should have been migrations.xml instead). sepatel

Release 0.14.0 - 2009-08-02

Type Changes By
add Added the ability to migrate multiple schemas simultaneously. sepatel
update Changed the command line interface to support the use of multiple schemas. sepatel
update Changed the version display to state the actual version number instead of LATEST when migrating to the latest version. sepatel
update Adjusted the schema selection to automatically select the schema if it was the only option available. sepatel
fix Fixed a memory leak which happened by running out of heap space due to classloaders not getting garbage collected. sepatel
fix Fixed a connection leak happening with failed migration attempts. sepatel

Release 0.13.0 - 2009-07-26

Type Changes By
update Updated the unix startup scripts to output to console in addition to file logs. Start failures due to things like invalid java version, wrong operating system, etc because more visible this way. sepatel
update Minor adjustment to the property update window to allow hotkeys for the buttons and to show the property being modified in the title. sepatel
add Added support for being able to migrate against a .zip or .jar file that contains the scripts and migration.xml within it. Fixes 2826038. sepatel
add Updated product so that it can dynamically detect if the jvm is 32bit or 64bit and dynamically load the appropriate libraries. Fixes 2826042. sepatel
update Trimmed down the packaging to be just linux, mac, and windows to help reduce confusion. sepatel
update Changed the mac implementation from carbon to cocoa. sepatel
update Upgraded to SWT 3.5.x (from 3.4.x). sepatel
update Redesigned the product site and updated the documentation to be more relevant. sepatel

Release 0.12.3 - 2009-07-23

Type Changes By
fix Fixed a defect that caused migrations to attempt and execute a blank line as a sql statement. sepatel
update Added more UI keyboard shortcuts to improve the user experience. sepatel
fix Fixed an issue where the output logs did not exactly match up with what was really being executed (script mode did work). sepatel

Release 0.12.2 - 2009-06-14

Type Changes By
update Updated the swt version from 3.4 to 3.4.2 to hopefully handle some of the oddball issues that have been discovered between swt and the os. sepatel
add Added ability to bookmark schema info while updating them during a migration. sepatel
add Added shortcut keys to various menu and buttons to make it easier to use without a mouse. sepatel
fix Fixed a bug that caused the schema information to be bookmarked when cancelled. sepatel
add Added ability to clone an existing bookmark. sepatel
fix Fixed unit testing such that it is no longer hardcoded to a particular computers setting. Fixes 2789697. sepatel
fix Fixed some NullPointer issues with users using the graphical tool without a system tray capability. sepatel
add Added a commandline tool to register database drivers. sepatel

Release 0.12.1 - 2009-05-10

Type Changes By
fix Fixed a bad user experience with using bookmarks when none existed. sepatel

Release 0.12.0 - 2009-05-10

Type Changes By
remove Removed the changes report plugin because it is not git compatible yet (or rather the latest version is that plugin breaks when invoking git api). sepatel
update Updated the project pom information in order to work with the git repository and upgrading various plugins under the covers. sepatel
fix Better Sample Schemas added (basic and advanced) with updated site documentation. Fixes 2156300. sepatel
add Added bookmarking support. Fixes 2757151. sepatel
fix Fixed the About url location and browser so that it actually works now as one would expect. sepatel
fix Fixed issue caused by some jdbc drivers returning null instead of throwing a SQLException when unable to aquire a db connection. sepatel
remove Completely removed all codebase around the swing interface. Popular vote seems to like the new SWT interface much more then the swing interface. sepatel
add Added ability to register driver dynamically allowing use without restart or forcing them to exist in the "lib" folder. Fixes 2757149. sepatel
add Added configuration api to allow for a preferences to be saved (such as driver locations, migration locations, bookmarks, etc ...). sepatel
fix Now prompts for missing jdbc driver if not provided. sepatel
fix Ensures that only 1 connection per schema is used (used to allocate a 2nd connection to generate the migration_info internal tables). sepatel

Release 0.11.2 - 2009-03-05

Type Changes By
add Added "About" information. Fixes 2582067. sepatel
fix Fixed a bug which prevented the initialization of the migration_info and migration_info_audit tables across multiple databases in a single pass. sepatel
fix Fixed a bug introduced with the sorted properties window which prevented the modified value from being passed along to the master configuration. sepatel
fix Fixed the gui application to support using the migration configuration argument passed in if provided instead of the last config used. sepatel

Release 0.11.1 - 2009-02-27

Type Changes By
add Added the schema id to the schema information windows title for more clarify and fixed it's dimensions as well to work across multiple desktop themes. sepatel
add Added special standout coloring for required/unset values. Also put the text as >not set< for those values as well. sepatel
update Fixed the initial window size to always be the same size regardless of configuration file. sepatel
update Sorted the templating variables alphabetically by key. sepatel
update More width on schema information screen. sepatel
update Moved the interface configuration resource to a shared location reusable by all user interfaces instead of just the SWT gui interface. sepatel

Release 0.11.0 - 2009-02-09

Type Changes By
add Added a progress bar that gives precision of completion down to the sql executed. sepatel
update Updated multiline comment to allow whitespace between the -- and multiline indicator. sepatel
update Improved the error messaging to provide a caused by reason as well. sepatel
add Added system tray with 1-click showing/hiding for convient usage. sepatel
update Updated the sample migration examples to include a more meaningful simple and complex example instead of a single hybrid example. sepatel
add Deprecated the Swing interface and am now using the SWT interface for a native system feel. sepatel
fix Truncating error audit messages in case they exceed the database size limit. sepatel
fix API incompatibility with errors when using java 5. sepatel
update Iniglet dialog is no longer modal and renames the title of the window to indicate "Completed" when finished. sepatel

Release 0.10.0 - 2008-11-02

Type Changes By
add Updated the result window title to indicate a successful finish or an unsuccessful termination. sepatel
fix Added a fix for the command line interface to no longer prompt for configurations twice. sepatel
add Script mode generation now automatically adds a commit to the end of each file. sepatel
fix Fixed a logic defect that prevented the sql buffer from being cleared if it failed to execution. Thus preventing all further sql executions from happening. sepatel
fix Fixed bug where upgrade only mode was being set on downgrades as well. sepatel
fix Fixed a bug that caused the upgrades with dependencies to not use the correct version number when inserting a new entry to the migration_info table and thus causing the same upgrade script to be run twice. sepatel
add ConnectionOutputStream to make database connections work with the same api as a normal output stream to get reusable business logic from migrations regardless of whether it was script or live mode. sepatel
add MigrationConfig now supports additional configurations like scripting mode, upgrade only mode, ignore errors mode, etc... Fixes 1896283. sepatel
update Removed the forced MigrationConfiguration generation when creating a MigrationFacade. Now allows an existing config to be used. sepatel
remove Removed the ScriptMigration and LiveMigration implementations and replaced with a unified DefaultMigration implementation which can support both. sepatel
remove Deleted the "reset" configuration prior to migration feature. Nobody liked it and caused lots of confusion. sepatel
add Added "remember last loaded configuration" feature to the iniglet interface. sepatel
add Added ability to configure the schema information from the iniglet interface priority to doing a migration. sepatel
update Switched from log4j api to commons-logging api for increased compatibility. sepatel
add Added a migrations iniglet plugin (to be able to and migrations from an iniglet). sepatel
update Merged the command line and gui interfaces into a single product. sepatel
update Enhanced the documentation. sepatel
fix Minor fix to script generation to not duplicate the ; terminator. sepatel

Release 0.9.3 - 2008-04-17

Type Changes By
fix Failed migrations no longer bump the version numbers. sepatel
add Tons of documentation added. sepatel
fix NullPointerException fixed when url not specified in configuration file. sepatel

Release 0.9.2 - 2008-04-04

Type Changes By
update Changing the locations default its current folder now when changing them. sepatel
update Changed such that migrations do not remember the url/username/password information anymore. sepatel
fix Fixed script generation which didn't handle multiline terminations correctly. sepatel
fix Fixed script generation against a database without migration_info table. sepatel

Release 0.9.1 - 2008-04-03

Type Changes By
fix Fixed a bug where enabling scripting mode without configuration file would toss an error warning. sepatel
fix Fixed bug that prevented non-script generation mode from happening. sepatel

Release 0.9.0 - 2008-03-30

Type Changes By
add Graphical interface now allows for scripting mode executions. sepatel
update Enhanced auditing capabilities with full history and delta statuses. sepatel
update Separated out the Live and Script modes into separate modules to make for a cleaner more maintainable codebase. sepatel

Release 0.8 - 2008-03-16

Type Changes By
add Support for simple auditing added. sepatel
add Support for upgrade only schema setups. Intended for production use where you don't want to accidentally blow away the schema or data unintentionally. sepatel